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RFID Technology—Introduction

RFID begins:

The whole philosophy of business improvement is to maximum the profit. Maximizing the profit through increasing level of automation, lowering human intervention,  increasing business intelligence, increasing level of integration between end point systems by using auto identification of moving objects between systems. In other word, Radio Frequency Identification is the key to connecting of real world phenomena to counterpart digital world seamlessly.

RFID is an Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) and as the name suggests, this technology could be used in all kind of industries and business processes.  Barcode, OCR and Magnetic Stripe are other approaches for AIDC

RFID is sending/receiving data by the form of Electromagnetic Energy. Tag and Reader are two  important components for achieving this purpose.


RFID major milestones: This table summarizes major RFID development/lifecycle:























































                                  This table shows major milestones in RFID development history (Symonds 2009)



RFID basics: A RFID system is composed of two major parts: reader receives and transmits data using radio waves. The tag (or transponder) consists of a memory chip and have a built-in antenna. Memory based on its characteristics can store up to 64KB of information. Currently there are 3 kind of tags: Active, Passive, Hybrid or Semi-Active. A passive tag does not have internal power source to process or transmit the data. It works when it receives RF signals through inductive process. Active tag utilizes a battery as source of energy to broadcast signals to a farther range. Semi-Active tag utilizes integrated power source but yet behaves like a passive tag. It uses the battery for extending signal range. Today a lot of manufacturers are developing new type of tags like RTLS (Realtime Locationing System)



RFID applications: Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS), Electronic Toll Collection in Transportation, Supply Chain Management (SCM),  Vehicle Tracking, Asset Tracking, Animal Tracking, Real-time Location System (RTLS), Time Tracking, Employee Attendance, Hotel Locks, Access Control


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Fundamentals of Electro Magnetics


Radio Invented


Radar Invented


IFF System Used in WWIi


Commercial Air Traffic Control Systems


IC (Integrated Circuit) Developed


Research on RFID in Laboratory


First RFID Concept Developed


First EAS in Use


Access Control in Use UPC Developed


GM Used RFID for Commercial Purpose, Railroad, Animal Farm


Toll Collection


Contactless Smartcard Standards Developed


MIT Auto-ID Center Formed EPC (Electronic Product Code)


Wal-Mart Joined Auto-ID


Gillette Ordered 500 Millions Tags


EPC Global Formed